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Recycling, Trash, Donating and Composting – What’s the Difference?

Recycle it? Trash it? Donate it? Toss it on the compost heap? There are so many options when it comes to discarding stuff around your home, and they can be overwhelming.

The route you choose depends on the material at hand, and where it best fits in the overall scheme of each option. Here’s a down-and-dirty rundown of what’s what in the worlds of recycling, trash, composting, and donation.
Recycling is basically turning old products and packaging into new products and packaging. Things like bottles, cans, containers and paper fall into this category. These items are collected at your curb, sent to a sorting facility, then sold to companies that use them in their manufacturing.

Think cardboard boxes and paper. For sure FedEx, UPS, and Amazon shipping boxes, phone books, greeting cards, and notebooks.

And plastics. So many types of plastic can be recycled, like empty water bottles or plastic containers that once held laundry detergent, shampoo, and other cleaners.

And cans. Aluminum soda and beer cans, steel food cans.

How about cartons? Juice, milk, soup.

Not to mention glass bottle and jars.

Details vary by town, so check with your local program for the specifics.

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